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    About Us:

    GW was launched with an intent to meet the ever-changing urban wear market for men. A coherent universal approach and esprit de corps is the basis for GW branding philosophy. Our team have fashioned a store front and men's wear line that encompasses a number of street and urban wear fashions to satisfy the MY GEN market, nouveau chic, grunge, punk, tech wear and classic skate street wear styling and the occasional nod to surf wear, are all encompassed under the GW banner as MY GEN.

    Fashion Trends:

    GW is not a fast fashion store, 70% of fast fashion ends up as waste, in general 30% of manufactured clothing items ends up as waste, we are diametrically opposed to the fast fashion ethos and the concept of ready to wear purchasing without an intent to care for the purchased garment. We are also in support of the growing recycled clothing wear market and clothing manufactured from recycled materials. It is our hope that the GW collection will offer not only a utilitarian approach to urban wear but also a uniquely conscious approached collection of styling and silhouette's, with sustainable objectives in mind. GW is strictly an online store which means customer satisfaction is hard earned as a bricks and mortar store has the decidedly beneficial aspect of having a customer focused environment and the opportunity to try before you buy.   


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