The Evolution of Streetwear and Why the Youth Loves It?

A trend previously overlooked in the mainstream fashion industry is continuing to make headlines around the world: street fashion. 

Due to globalization, street fashion has become a collective phenomenon, the origins of which can be traced back to the fifties when the youth of the day finally had a voice through rock and roll and cinematic icons in the way of James Dean and Marlon Brando.

With each passing decade new expressions in music and dress style emerged, from the floral and tie-dye flower power age to overt fashion expressions in clam rock, the romantic moody dress code of the new romantics, the raw ripped jean wear of the punk rockers, the zany dress wear of scar and the black plaid Gothics. While Britain and the US held sway for much of evolving street fashion, there was a burgeoning globally. Germany, France, and Japan were each interpreting the current mood of the time to suit a clothing style unique to their cultural environment whilst still recognizing a similar origin which in most cases was being expressed in the arts, particularly music. 


The eighties witnessed the rise of genuine street cred art, graffiti, street art, neo-expressionism, and of course, rap, all combined to play a significant role in the next evolution in streetwear, making it a recognized global phenomenon. Hip hop has totally mixed it up with funky sassy clothing styles, and what once was a counter-culture street language is now the mainstream… A truly exciting time for fashion wear.        

Stussy – the Emergence of the Brand

Shawn Stussy is a renowned American fashion designer who used to create custom skateboards and surfboards. In the 80s, he began to print his artwork on outfits for family and friends. The idea was so brilliant that his small gig meant exclusively for loved ones quickly transformed into a global fashion line, prompting high-end brands like DC Shoes and Vans to launch their own urban casual wear collections.

The rise of hip hop had a massive influence on Tokyo street fashion as well. A brand named BAPE took inspiration from early hip hop groups like Run DMC, while another famous Japanese brand NEIGHBORHOOD became famous by introducing military jackets as casual wear.

Influence on youth

As rap, grunge, hip hop and the super cool alternative sounds of bands like Radio Head are continuing to push the boundaries of artistic expression and thankfully provide a wealth of interpretive inspiration in clothing particularly urban and street fashion. Endorsement from celebrities like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Pharrell Williams have given their Gen Z and millennial fashionistas all the more reasons to sport casual wear confidently and with style, I say long live street fashion wear.

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